Sunday, January 29, 2012

In the Pink

Ok, so the photo has nothing what so ever to do with the blog other than the colour is right!

Everyone is the monkey in their own zoo, the clown of their own circus, the master of their own disaster! (Unknown)
What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?
(Bumper Sticker Wisdom)

So instead of putting colour in my dry hair and leaving it on for 15 minutes and then washing it, like normal people do… I decided that I would apply the colour with my conditioner (I am sure I remember my hairdresser, Alex telling me that this was a good time to apply colour because the hair shafts/follicles? were ‘open’ from washing the hair…?)

I climb into the shower and wash my hair. I then reach out for the little bowl of colour I have prepared: a splodge of ‘Magenta’, a squirt of ‘Rich Wine’ and a dollop of ‘Foxy Red’. I add the conditioner and apply to my hair with my hands, working the coloured conditioner through the hair. All the while my eyes are closed… I rinse the conditioner, open my eyes and eeeeeeeeeeeeeek! It looks like a particularly violent murder has been committed in the shower! The walls are splattered with pinky-red ‘blood’! So are my hands AND my body!

I look in the mirror, and my face is very much in-the-pink! Needless to say I spend the next half an hour, with nothing on, but a towel on my head, cleaning the aftermath of the blood-bath (rather blood-shower).

So today I have rosy pink flushed cheeks, looking very much in the pink... and very pink hands.

Note to self: 
wear gloves and hat when venturing out for next few days;
do NOT show any part of your anatomy to anyone; 
next time you colour your hair: follow instructions on packaging!! 
And always wear the plastic gloves provided – it saves having your hands as a ‘conversation-piece’ when you venture into public, and have to try and explain for the umpteenth time why your hands are bright luminous pink!

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